Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor (TIB-NA3200)

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The TIB-NA3200 automatic nucleic acid extractor adopts an oscillation mixing method, which can control the temperature to allow the sample to undergo lysis, nucleic acid magnetic bead binding, elution and release under appropriate conditions. The magnetic bead transfer and separation are carried out through a magnetic field device, achieving a biological separation equipment for extracting nucleic acid substances in the sample; The instrument can extract a single sample or 32 samples simultaneously. Users can edit the experimental program, monitor the experimental status, and turn on or off the UV lamp disinfection function through the touch screen. It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast extraction, and reliable results.
Basic principle: Using the magnetic rod on the magnetic rod rack of the experimental cabin, move the magnetic beads with nucleic acid adsorbed into different reagent holes, and then use the stirring sleeve on the outer layer of the magnetic rod to repeatedly and quickly stir the liquid to evenly mix with the magnetic beads. After cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, cleaning, and elution, high-purity nucleic acid is finally obtained. The instrument needs to be equipped with relevant reagents for Taipu biological nucleic acid extraction.


  • Automates over 50 nucleic acid extraction kits with over 100 standard protocols for DNA, RNA sample processing
  • Get reproducible results with less hands-on time
  • User-friendly interface with flexible program editing function
  • Fully enclosed design to ensure biosafety
  • Stable mechanical structure, low vibration and noise, low magnetic bead residue and wall hanging
  • High recovery rate of magnetic beads and high efficient nucleic acid extraction


  1. Sample throughput:32
  2. Dimension:435mm*390mm*480mm
  3. Weight:35kgProcessing volume:20μL-1000μL
  4. Temperature range:room temperature to 99℃
  5. Temperature control tolerance of the extraction module:±2℃
  6. Differences between extraction wells: the coefficient of variation of CT values between wells is less than 3% when extracting the same sample
  7. Extract program storage throughput: not less than 100 groups of programs
  8. Magnetic throughput: the magnetic throughput of the magnetic bar is not less than 250mT
  9. Communication interface: Ethernet interface
  10. Operation interface: color touch screen
  11. Contamination control: built-in UV lamp and side fan


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