Disposable Virus Sampling Kit

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Viruses are made of a nucleic acid molecule and protein, or protein alone, and it is tiny and the  structure is simple. Without a cellular structure, the virus cannot replicate itself. Instead, it invades into the host cell and replicates the new virus with the help of the latter’s replication system. After collecting the virus sample, the swabs are stored and transported in a storage solution to maintain the activity of the virus samples and prolong the survival time of the virus in the samples.


Intended Use:

It is used for collection, transportation and preservation of samples.



This kit consists of sampling swabs and preservation vials (including lysis solution and nucleic acid preservation solution). The obtained nucleic acid can be directly used in RT-PCR reaction.


Sample Requirements

Nasopharyngeal swab, oropharyngeal swab, saliva, alveolar lavage fluid or other secretion samples.



48 vials/kit


Storage and Validity

Store at room temperature, valid for 12 months.


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