Liquid-based Cells Processing Kit

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Cervical cancer is the 2nd common gynecological tumor of women worldwide.

Liquid-based cytology (LBC) is an effective method of preparing cervical samples for cytological examination. Unlike the conventional ‘smear’ preparation, it involves making a suspension of cells from the sample which is used to produce a thin layer of cells on a slide. LBC increases the sensitivity of cervical cancer detection and the same sample can be used for molecular testing.

Liquid-based Cells Processing Kit is for the cells preservation, transportation, extraction, separation, precipitation, fixation and slides preparation before clinical diagnosis and analysis.

This kit preserves cells through physical and chemical technology, and uses gravity for natural sedimentation, high-precision membrane filtration technology to prepare thin-layer cell slides.

The process can effectively reduce mucus, red blood cells and other impurities. The preparation background is clean and the number of cells is sufficient with uniform cells distribution and firm adhesion. After staining, the morphology and distribution of cells can be clearly observed under optical microscope.


Packing Specification:

100 tests/carton


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