p16 protein/Ki-67 Dual Staining Kit

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  1. p16 protein is an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase, which is involved in cell cycle regulation. The E7 protein produced by the integration of HPV gene and host gene can destroy the cell cycle, leading to uncontrolled cell proliferation and overexpression of p16.
  2. Ki-67 is a cell proliferation antigen, which is expressed in the mitotic phase, not in the intercellular phase.
  3. When p16 and Ki-67 were detected simultaneously in the same cervical epithelial cell, it indicated that the cell cycle was destroyed, and the cells proliferated abnormally, which indicated lesions.



  1. bright colors
  2. Ready-to-use antibody without configuration
  3. Long shelf life, convenient storage
  4. cytological consumables provided


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